Hi, I’m Web!

I’m a Digital Storyteller and User Experience Designer.

Born William Edward Barr and nicknamed “Web” by my parents, it was only natural that I become immersed in all things digital at a young age. I’m passionate about technology, startups, and the role that storytelling and design can have on the world, which is a large reason why I moved to San Francisco. I love pushing the boundaries of traditional storytelling and am always looking for new ways to evolve publishing on the web. To say I’m optimistic about the future of digital media, publishing, and journalism would be an understatement.

Previously, I was a UX/UI designer at Walker & Company Brands, mainly focused on the Bevel shaving product online; as well as, producing Bevel Code, Bevel's men's digital magazine. Before that, I was digital producer for National Geographic magazine who focused on designing and producing digital experiences. I’m also the creator of NatGeo Found, the Webby Award winning official Tumblr for National Geographic which gives people a look into the past via the National Geographic archives.

Right now, I’m looking to collaborate with new people, companies, startups and more! The opportunity to help a company build or expand their digital presence, while helping them or their community tell their stories in new and innovative ways is something that really excites me.

In addition, if you need help designing or building your website or just want to chat about improving your digital presence, I’d love to talk! I’m currently available for user experience design consulting; as well as, brand strategy, social marketing and content strategy freelance work.

You can find me speaking my mind on Twitter, sharing moments on Instagram, and telling stories on Storehouse. But if you’d like to talk more about anything from your next big idea—to implementing new digital strategies—to European football, then drop me a line below!